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ZenTherma sells a range of infrared Saunas and Ice Baths delivered and installed across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the mainland UK.

The brand journey

Greenfield conceptualised the name "ZenTherma" to encapsulate the essence of relaxation and rejuvenation offered by the Themowood saunas, drawing inspiration from the serene concept of 'zen' and the therapeutic benefits of heat therapy.

We meticulously crafted ZenTherma's brand identity, infusing it with soothing colors, natural aesthetics, and minimalist design elements that reflect the tranquility of the sauna experience and resonate with the target audience seeking relaxation and wellness.

Logo Design, Newry, ZenTherma

From Sauna to web

Leveraging the established brand identity, Greenfield seamlessly translated it into a visually captivating and user-friendly website for ZenTherma. Through careful attention to detail and modern design techniques, we ensured that the website effectively communicates ZenTherma's commitment to relaxation and rejuvenation while providing an intuitive browsing experience for visitors.

"Greenfield exceeded our expectations with their exceptional talent and dedication. Their expertise in crafting a brand identity and designing a new website in a matter of weeks was amazing! Their attention to detail and commitment to understanding our vision truly set them apart. Highly recommend Greenfield to anyone seeking to raise their brand and online platform."
Logo Design, Newry, ZenTherma
Shane Macnamee
CEO and Founder