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About Greenfield

Welcome to Greenfield, we are a multi-level creative agency offering over 15 years in business development with:

8 Years in business

Since 2016 we've been helping businesses thrive

Greenfield Creative was born out of a passion for creation. We love building brands and websites that turn into exciting success stories. Our journey with clients is a collaborative one, cheering them on at every stage. Our mission is to grow your business and celebrate your success stories together. What sets us apart is our deep involvement at every step of the process. We collaborate closely with our brand team to create a standout website and with our marketing team to ensure it effectively drives business growth. If you’re seeking a reliable partner, Greenfield Creative is the business for you.

Our Values

At Greenfield Creative, we believe that transparency is key. With 16 years of experience and 8 years running Greenfield, trust and integrity are our core values, and our customers would agree. We are dedicated to maintaining these principles in every project we undertake

Website Design and Marketing Greenfield Creative Northern Ireland
Web Design and marketing at Greenfield Creative, Northern Ireland

Our Story

Why 'Greenfield'

Our story begins long before our establishment in 2016; it traces back over two centuries to the very foundation of our premises. Our offices are situated in the tranquil rural area ourside Banbridge, Co Down. Our premises, originally established in 1802 as Greenfield Farm and later renamed Greenfield House in 1917, holds a rich history of over 200 years. 

Throughout its storied past, Greenfield House has been more than just a place; it’s been a hub of opportunity and growth. It has nurtured dreams, fostered innovation, and catalysed success stories. Generations have found employment within its walls, and the community has thrived – with many still recalling their employment here dating back to 1970s onwards. 

In 2017, Greenfield Development Group was formed in the premises. 

Meet the owner

Cliona Peters - Founder

With a remarkable 16-year track record in the marketing industry, Cliona Peters brings a wealth of experience and insight to Greenfield Creative. Having worked with esteemed companies such as Maxol Marketing Team, EOS IT Solutions, and Beaufort Interiors, Cliona has cultivated a diverse skill set and deep industry knowledge.

In 2016, Cliona embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, founding Greenfield Development Group Ltd, trading as Greenfield Creative. Over the past 8 years, Cliona has expanded her network and fostered strong relationships with a diverse clientele. Her visionary leadership has driven Greenfield Creative’s success, leading to the establishment of our website design department in 2020 to better cater to our clients’ evolving needs.

Greenfield Creative is constantly evolving and growing. In February 2024, under Cliona’s leadership, Greenfield submitted plans to replace two dwellings at Greenfield House with a two-story office block dedicated to our marketing and design departments. This initiative not only reflects our commitment to continued growth and development but also ensures the continuation of ‘Greenfield House’ , known as a hub of creativity and progress.  Greenfield Creative remains a trusted partner for businesses seeking innovative marketing solutions and tangible results.

Meet Our Team of Professionals.

Meet our expert team, guiding you at every step with experience and dedication for a seamless and successful journey.

Cliona Peters, Managing Director of Greenfield Creative


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