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The FoodHouse

The FoodHouse is a delicatessen shop located in the heart of Banbridge, co down. Serving quality Barista Coffee and freshly Made-to-Order Subs, Sandwiches & more.

The FoodHouse

TheFoodHouse, part of the JustGoodGrub family opened its doors in June 2020 following a delayed opening due to the Covid pandemic. TheFoodHouse has quickly established itself as a go-to for Tasty Breakfasts, Quality Barista Coffee and freshly made-to-order Subs and Sandwiches.  As if that wasn’t enough, they also have a full Mexican Menu and a Fresh Steak Burger Menu. They also supply over 100 different meals in their ready-to-go range JustGoodGrub to take home and heat up at your convenience.

The Strategy

The strategy was about creating engaging content and mouth-watering images that would attract new customers to TheFoodHouse and keep them coming back again and again. We also wanted to create a strategy that was focused on promoting the use of a new online ordering app designed to drive click & collect orders in January 2021. To grow an online audience with Facebook Ads & Competitions that would engage with more people and drive more business to The Foodhouse

Social media Management, Banbridge, The Food House

The Result

After implementing the strategy the results started to show and they were nothing short of outstanding. The Foodhouse had amassed a staggering 5,000 followers before the official opening in August 2020. Their sales increased by 85% between January 2021 and April 2021 following the launch and successful social strategy to promote app orders.

By September 2021 The Foodhouse’s Total followers exceeded 13,000, a huge growth in just over a year. Now The Food House caters for over 2000 customers a week both in their deli and through click-and-collect orders.

Social media Management, Banbridge, The Food House
"​Social Media and Facebook Ads enabled us to grow a substantial following online before we had even opened the doors to TheFoodHouse. Continued use of great content, images, daily stories and videos all played a massive part in our success. Promotion of our app helped us to increase sales by 85% since January 2021."
Social media Management, Banbridge, The Food House
Mark Haughey